Thermal Product Range AND Solutions


Infrared NO-TOUCH Thermometers

  • IR Thermometers.
  • Easy to use manual solution at any premises access points.
thermal handheld camera

Thermal hand Held Cameras

  • UniView Hand held Thermal Camera.
  • Full Software configration to Monitors and Laptops intergratable with simple set up and installation.

Temperature measurement gate

  • Human body temperature measurement
    gate (Cooperate)
    • Complete Fever Screening with Access Control.
    • Well controlled automated solution.
walkthrough sanitizing booth in South Africa

Walk Through Sanitize Booth

  • Ensure all staff are sanitized and/or disinfected after thermal screening conducted.
  • Plug and play solution.

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Hands Free hand Sanitizer Dispensers

  • Ensure all staff has access to a no touch dispenser to keep safe.
stand alone wash basin

Stand Alone Wash Basins

  • 90 Litre Stand Alone Basin.
  • Mobile unit that can be situated at desired location.
wash basins stand alone

Stand Alone Wash Basins

  • 180 Litre Stand Alone Basin.
  • Mobile unit that can be situated at desired location.
enclosed litter bin

Enclosed Litter Bins

  • 50 Litre Padel Bin.
    Fully enclosed flitter bin to confine disposed litter.
enclosed dustbin

Enclosed litter Bins

  • 90 Litre Padel Bin.
    Fully enclosed flitter bin to confine disposed litter.
desk screen divider

Desk Screen Dividers

  • Various PVC Dividers Options.
  • A Simple measuren to safe guard staff to possible personal contact.

Walkthrough Sanitizing Booths in South Africa
A detailed overview

Covid-19 has wreaked a lot of havoc on a global scale and with measures that have been put in place to prevent economic crashes on a grand scale while ensuring that workers are protected, new technology is being implemented to sanitize workers and workplaces. These measures are in addition to existing protocols such as having hand sanitizers and disinfectants in workplaces, frequent cleaning of surfaces, increased personal hygiene by washing hands regularly, the wearing of face masks, and so on.

The aim of walkthrough sanitizing booths is to ensure that sanitized and disinfected areas such as hospitals, offices and other work spaces remain free from contamination by ensuring that individuals entering into the area are free of any and all microorganisms that pose a threat to the sanitized environment.

You might be interested in our disinfectant foggers and PPE equipment. We offer commercial office cleaning services if you want to ensure that your work environment is hygienic.

What is the difference between a sanitizing booth and a sanitizing tunnel?

Sanitizing booths go by many names such as disinfecting spray booths or a sanitizing spray booth, but it comes down to the very same principle. A disinfecting and sanitizing booth is a single-occupant booth with only one entry and exit point which allows an individual to enter into the booth and close the door behind them before the sensors are activated to spray a mist of disinfectant onto the individual.

A walkthrough sanitizing booth is a sanitizing tunnel, also known as a disinfecting tunnel, that works according to the same principals with the added benefit of it being a quicker procedure as individuals can merely walk through the tunnel one at a time.

What are walkthrough sanitizing booths and are they safe?

Yes, they are both safe and economically efficient as they work with sensors to detect when an individual is walking through the tunnel. Once an individual is detected, the mist will activate and thus it will disinfect and sanitize the individual’s exposed skin, hair, and clothing.

Why do I need a walkthrough sanitizing booth?

By following hygienic protocols to ensure any microorganisms are removed from an individual’s hands is one way to prevent microorganisms from transferring from an infectant person to surfaces where they may stay for a duration of time and be transferred on. The time within which microorganism can remain alive on items such as clothing and other areas of an individual’s skin in addition to how quickly microorganisms can spread to other surfaces, objects and individuals is not always considered in great detail.

By making use of disinfecting and sanitizing booths, any microorganisms on the surface of exposed skin and clothing can be minimized and even eliminated by disinfectant spray and mist used in walkthrough sanitizing booths at the entrance of homes and workplaces. The mandate involved with sanitizing and disinfecting individuals before entering buildings can become so much more simplified by making use of sanitizing booths for Coronavirus spread prevention.

Not only are these disinfecting booths useful, but they are a cost effective way to ensure that areas with high volumes of people remain sanitized. A wide variety of businesses around the world have already deployed this technology, especially in environments such as hospitals and other healthcare services that have higher sensitivity to microorganisms. In addition, office sanitizing booths have become significantly popularized to ensure that extra measures are taken with more people being able to return to work as some lockdown measures are slowly being eased in countries not as severely affected by Covid-19.

Sanitizing booths are not hard to come buy with more companies that already provide disinfectant and sanitizing products and services investing more in developing these booths as part of their offering. In addition to the product itself, these companies also offer disinfectant spray booth products which the booth will need to continue effective operation in addition to providing spray booth installers who are skilled and trained for first time setup and installation.

Who are suppliers of sanitizing booths in South Africa?

There are various suppliers of sanitizing booths, with more companies developing this particular technology and a particular supplier amidst other sanitizing booth companies in South Africa is SanitizeMe. Sanitizeme me is a South African Based company with outlets branching into Africa soon and it has vast product range including the provision of disinfecting booths and tunnels. You can opt for affordable disinfecting sanitizing booths for sale or choose to rent one from us.

What are the benefits of sanitizing booths?

Sanitizing booths provide an additional measure in protecting disinfected and sanitized areas from contaminants and microorganisms that enter from outside buildings by disinfecting individuals who enter these spaces. They are amazingly easy to use and once they have been installed, they are ready for use without additional hassle involved. They are a quick, cost effective and efficient way of protecting workplaces, homes, and other areas by adding an extra layer of protection.

Other ways to procure a sanitizing booth for short term use

The prices on sanitizing booths may vary from supplier to supplier and although they may be affordable to companies, individuals and smaller businesses that are not willing to commit long term to this solution may explore other avenues to obtain sanitizing booths. Smaller businesses and individuals can explore rental options or seek out suppliers or other individuals who are offering sanitizing booths for sale in South Africa.

But when seeking products that are not from a verified supplier may be risky and customers are implored to ensure that the products they rent or purchase are SABS-approved before entering into a rental contract, or before the purchase is made. Sanitizing spray booths for sale in Gauteng, Cape Town, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga, and other areas can further be explored by either making use of services such as Bid or Buy, OLX and other online sites that provide the sale of new and used products.

For the purpose that these products are intended for, it is not advised to trust unverified sources or websites. Apart from risking sensitive data such as banking information, access to funds and the risk that products will not work, have not been SABS-approved or products that are not trustworthy, it is a risk when buying from any supplier that is not verified. In addition to a risk warning, buying a sanitizing booth will mean that it has to be installed to ensure correct operation and verified and official suppliers provide sanitizing booth installers that ensure the booth is installed and functioning correctly.

Conclusion and Writer’s Opinion

Sanitizing booths are paving the way into the new reality that individuals may be facing upon returning to work and other public areas to ensure efficient health, hygiene, and safety management in an attempt to avoid any further spread of Covid-19. Making use of sanitizing booths is one of the best ways, in addition to other measures, to minimize the chances of the virus spreading by having it ‘piggy-backing’ on exposed skin and clothing that have not gone through the disinfecting procedure hands are subjected to. Sanitizing booths are a cost effective, affordable, and economic way to ensure extra protection against the spread of Covid-19 and its re-emergence once the R0 has decreased and the majority of the population has recovered.

The Best Liquid and Gel Sanitizers

SanitizeMe specializes in the provision of professional solutions in the industry pertaining to facilities management. In partnership with businesses, healthcare facilities, schools and even homes, the aim is to curb the spread of the infection while increasing the ability of being able to serve not only customers, but patients, students, and a community as a whole.

What are thermal products and how do they work?

When specifically referring to thermal products in the detection and prevention of Covid-19, reference is made to three product classes such as:

Infrared no-touch thermometers

Thermal hand held cameras and temperature measurement gates, and

Thermal foggers, or thermal fogging machines

These products serve as the first line of defence to identify individuals who have an elevated body temperature due to Covid-19 infection before they enter into workplaces, offices, hospitals, schools, and other sanitary spaces. Thermal products use thermodynamics, which can be defined as the study of laws that specifically govern the movement of heat.

Infrared no-touch thermometers are designed to safely measure the body temperature of a person despite what the temperature of the room or environment may be. It can be used from a distance, ensuring social distancing protocols. Temperature measurement gates offer the same solutions and work in the very same way, with a more automated response to scanning individuals who enter hospitals, stores, schools, and other businesses.

In addition, these products work a lot faster than conventional thermometers with the added benefit that there is no chance of contamination and having to clean the device after use. Thermal hand held cameras work by detecting the heat that is given off by a person. Infrared energy, or heat, is detected and it is then converted into an electrical signal which is processed by the camera to provide a thermal image on the screen or monitor.

These cameras do not have the ability to ‘see’ through objects, it simply possesses the ability to see differences in heat radiation from people. Due to Covid-19 sharing some characteristics with other viruses, thermal foggers are especially effective in disinfecting work spaces, hospitals, offices, and other environments whether public or private. 

Thermal fogging makes use of cleaning solutions and work by turning these solutions into a heated fog that can penetrate even the smallest of cervices by permeating the entire structure, cleaning the air and other surfaces. The only condition to using such fogging machines is that it has to be done professionally by suppliers of such products and services as it requires specialized personnel wearing professional protective equipment.

Do thermal products work?

Yes, when used in the correct manner as ascribed in manuals and when used with the necessary precaution in addition to other health measures such as social distancing and use of personal protection equipment when utilizing thermometers and thermal cameras. These products cannot be used as a stand-alone measure against viruses such as Covid-19 and other health and hygiene practises need to be used as well, such as the use of disinfectant aerosols and disinfectant hand sanitizers, amidst several others.

When buying such products, only reliable, registered, and licensed suppliers should be used, and products need to be SABS-approved. Businesses should refrain from buying such products online on websites that advertise second-hand products for sale in an effort to cut costs as there are trusted, affordable solutions provided by companies such as SanitizeMe which are trustworthy.

Thermal foggers need to be deployed and used by making use of professional services as skilled personnel are required to effectively sanitize and decontaminate workplaces and other private and public areas in the best, safest way possible.

How do you use thermal products and supplies?

It has already been established that thermal products such as thermal foggers require the deployment of specialized, professional services.

Infrared no-touch thermometers and thermal hand held cameras are most effective when used at entry points to buildings to prevent infected individuals from entering and compromising health and sanitary conditions in disinfected areas.

Seeing that these are portable solutions that do not require contact, they can be used at entrances to scan individuals for raised body temperatures and prevent entry into the building before individuals can come into contact with objects, surfaces, or others.

These products are only a preventative and first line of defence measure and they need to be used in conjunction with other sanitary precautions.

Are thermal products effective and where can they be bought?

Yes, when used for the purpose that they are intended for according to user manuals and guidelines and only when used in conjunction with other health and safety precautions to minimize and eliminate the spread of the virus.

Thermal foggers are safe as long as professional suppliers and services are used in decontaminating and disinfecting public and private areas.

These solutions are cost-effective in ensuring long-term prevention and early detection, and they are easily obtained from companies such as SanitizeMe that features a range of products at affordable prices, which can be purchased online.

For an extra layer of security to prevent the spread of the virus from external contaminants, SanitizeMe has a range of products including sanitizing booths which can either be bought online or used through a rental agreement.

There are various reliable suppliers not only in major cities in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western- and Eastern Cape, and other provinces, there are however local companies that supply such products and services at affordable prices.

What are the benefits of using thermal products and supplies?

The benefits of using thermal foggers is that it penetrates even the smallest of crevices that cannot be reached with conventional cleaning and it works effectively in eliminating a majority of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.

As a preliminary precaution and early detection to prevent the risk of contamination and infection, in addition to maintaining social distancing, infrared no-touch thermometers can be safely used to measure the temperature of individuals entering work spaces.

Thermal hand held cameras and temperature measurement gates provide more in-depth readings should individuals present raised temperatures, or a fever, and they can then be prevented from entering sanitized and decontaminated areas.

These products present the benefit of being used in early detection and prevention in an effort to curb the spread of the virus in vulnerable areas such as hospitals along with businesses that are reopening in the phased easing of lockdown measures.

Final Thoughts

A lot of faith has been placed in thermal technology as a way to detect signs of the virus and minimize the spread thereof in addition to protecting individuals tasked with identifying potentially infected persons by providing distanced detection methods.

Through early detection of infection in individuals, the spread of Covid-19 can be greatly minimized in preventing such individuals coming into contact with others in work spaces that have already been decontaminated.