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It can be very difficult to maintain a clean and hygienic work space especially with visitors and patients always walking in and out. Although a challenging task, it is extremely important to keep an office environment clean for the health of everyone who enters the space. Our commercial office cleaning services are affordable and the best option for those who need office sanitation during Covid-19.

Wash Your Hands
One of the most important tips to keeping a sanitary space is to keep your hands clean. Germs are most commonly spread through touch. If you are not able to wash your hands frequently, make sure you are not rubbing your eyes or touching your face. By not touching your face, you are less likely to spread germs and get sick.

 Another good tip if you cannot wash your hands as much as you would like is to keep anti-bacterial hand sanitizers all over the office for employees and visitors to use. Especially while at work, your hands are in contact with many different surfaces, objects and people which can often carry germs. By washing your hands frequently, with anti-bacterial hand soap, you lower your risk of getting sick and spreading germs to different surfaces and people. Posting signs around the office and especially in the restroom are a good reminder for employees and patients. Washing your hands is one of the best ways you can avoid bacteria and illness.

commercial office cleaning services

Office Sanitation: Equipment and Supplies

We don’t really think about how often we use the things at our desk or in our office and we definitely do not think about sanitizing them. This is a huge problem because a good amount of the bacteria in an office can be found on our desks and right at our fingertips. Phones can harbor a large number of bacteria because our mouth is so close to it and it rarely gets cleaned after using it. Keyboards and mice are also a breeding ground from germs because they are being touched all day long. Coffee cups and reusable water bottles that are used in the office should be taken home regularly for a proper and thorough cleaning. Many people will leave cups at the office after rinsing them out but this increases bacteria because it is not being disinfected on a regular basis.

Then there are the more communal supplies like a fax machine that are even dirtier. Be sure to wipe down your desk with disinfectant at least once a week to maintain a healthy work space. An employee or multiple can be assigned to disinfecting shared supplies as well as counters, tables, doorknobs, chairs and other objects in the office. Cleaning protocols and checklists are also a smart idea to implement in order to ensure the cleanliness of the entire office.

Disinfectant fogger machines could help to improve hygiene in the office. No-touch thermal products such as thermometers and measurement gates could also help to ensure that a person potentially carrying a virus, can be identified before entering the premises.

Read Labels

Even if it is common for you to sanitize and clean with a product, are you sure you are using it correctly? Many people spray product and wipe it off the surface immediately after but this is not actually disinfecting the surface because the product isn’t given enough time to work. It is important to read the labels on cleaning supplies so they will work as effectively as possible. Many products will direct you to leave the solution on the surface for a certain amount of time so it can soak and kill the germs that are present.

There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. You want to make sure you are doing both but most importantly disinfecting a surface to prevent growth of bacteria and kill germs which are present. Many cleaning products are multipurpose and will do both to leave you a sanitized and healthy work space.

A general training in office sanitation is helpful so everyone is on the same page about the overall cleanliness of the work space. Many people may not be using cleaning supplies correctly and therefore leaving areas not properly disinfected. By giving everyone in the office space a better understanding of office sanitation standards, people are less likely to get sick and spread germs to each other or patients.

Clean Your Cleaning Tools

It is important to remember to disinfect your cleaning tools after you have used them. This will help to prevent cross contamination especially in areas like the restroom. These tools include mops, scouring pads, and brushes. The best time to clean them is when you are done with a room before you move on to the next.

With these tips, it will be easy to implement sanitation standards and practices to give your employees and patients a clean and healthy environment to keep coming back to.

office sanitation

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How do you maintain a sanitary office environment?

With a lot more businesses opening up during the phased return of economic activity in South Africa, albeit with health and safety regulations strictly in place to protect not only that of workers, but customers as well, it is imperative to ensure sanitary conditions.

It may prove to be more difficult in practice than in theory with workers and customers moving in and out of workplaces, but by creating a hygienic, sanitary culture, companies can ensure the health of everyone entering work spaces.

One of the most common ways in which germs are spread is through touch and by maintaining social distancing and sanitary conditions in workplaces through the use of office cleaning and sanitation equipment and supplies along with sanitary practices is key.

Businesses need to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, disinfectant aerosols, anti-bacterial hand soap, and other products through which employees and visitors can maintain personal sanitation.

By making use of such supplies in addition to investing in disinfectant equipment such as disinfectant foggers, fogger machines, and disinfecting tunnels to ensure that workplaces are kept sanitary from any outside contaminants, workplace health can be ensured.

What sanitation equipment can you use to clean an office environment?

There is numerous sanitation products for sale that companies can invest in to ensure sanitary office areas such as disinfecting tunnels at entrances of buildings, disinfectant foggers within the work space, liquid and gel sanitizers, and aerosol sanitizers.

The crucial thing is to ensure that work surfaces that are frequently used such as desks, telephones, keyboards, machines, and others, are cleaned often as these are the most common surfaces that harbour the most germs.

What are sanitation services and why should you use them?

Professional sanitation services involved specialised response teams who have the appropriate personal protection equipment and cleaning supplies to sanitize a workplace or office environment before reopening for business.

The purpose of these services is to ensure that decontamination protocols are followed, in line with the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization, or WHO. During such protocols, sanitation equipment, supplies and chemicals are used to disinfect workspaces.

After workplaces and offices have been decontaminated, the business is provided with a Treatment Report which serves as evidence of the services conducted along with the areas that have been serviced.

Where in South Africa can you buy sanitation equipment and supplies?

SABS-approved sanitation equipment and supplies are becoming more easily obtainable as more companies and suppliers align operations in an effort to curb the spread of the virus, with a lot of equipment and supplies becoming more affordable as well.

SanitizeMe is a company dedicated to such a cause, in providing businesses with sanitation equipment and supplies in ensuring safe and sanitary office and workplaces through the provision of an array of products and equipment.

SanitizeMe products and equipment include, but is not limited to:

Sanitizing booths

Disinfectant foggers

Thermal foggers

Personal Protection Equipment

Liquid and Gel Sanitizers

Aerosol Sanitizers

Sanitation services, and more.

Which sanitation services are the best to use in South Africa?

When using a sanitation service to professionally disinfect and sanitize office environments and workplaces it is imperative to ensure that it is a reliable service that follows decontamination protocols that are specifically in line with WHO standards.

There are several companies that provide such a service in a broad spectrum across South Africa, these include, but is not limited to:


The Specialists, and

Turtlejar Disinfectant and Sanitization Services

These services can be located in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, and Eastern Cape, covering all major cities, especially Covid-19 hotspots that have been identified.

SanitizeMe offers its service as routine maintenance for sites that experience medium to high volume customers in preparation for the phased easing of lockdown protocols in ensuring continued sanitary conditions in offices, hospitals, schools, and other workplaces.

Why should you invest in disinfectant tunnels and foggers for your office?

In ensuring continued sanitary conditions in workspaces, it is imperative to minimize and eliminate external contamination and one of the most efficient ways to ensure this is by using disinfectant foggers in working environments, and booths at entrances.

Disinfectant foggers or sanitizing foggers work the best in reducing and eliminating microorganisms not only from surfaces, but in hard-to-reach areas as well where conventional cleaning would not be efficient.

These machines are not only safe to use but are an affordable solution in ensuring long-term sanitary conditions.

Depending on the size of the working environment, businesses have several options from large disinfectant fogger machines, to the smaller fogger machines, and thermal foggers.

To ensure that environments stay free of contamination, business can opt for disinfectant booths, or tunnels to ensure that movement in and out of buildings do not pose a risk to the existing sanitary conditions.

The SaniStar Sanitation Booth serves with the specific purpose of protecting both the public as well as employees by creating an obligatory entrance and exit with an automated nebulization system which distributes a disinfectant spray once it detects an occupant.

Businesses that are interested in long-term use of such sanitation booths have the option to buy it online from SanitizeMe or alternatively as a more cost-effective measure, can enter into a rental contract for short-term use.

Final Thoughts

There have been numerous reports and briefs that have concluded that Covid-19 will endure for a time to come, and it is imperative that businesses continuously ensure the health and safety of employees and customers.

By making use of office cleaning and sanitation equipment and supplies as economic activity returns through phased easing of lockdown protocols, businesses can ensure and maintain such conditions in efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

The prices on equipment and supplies have become more reasonable as more businesses, suppliers and services have been dedicated to this purpose as and the demand thereof has increased in the past few months.

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