Foggers / Disinfectant

Thermal Foggers

SaniStar HS1200

SaniStar HS1200

SaniStar HS2000

SaniStar HS2000

SaniStar HSV1200DL

SaniStar HSV1200DL


SaniStar HSV2000DL

H100-thermal fogger

SaniStar Thermal Fogger

  • Fuel Operated (0.7 litre capacity)
  • 3 Litre Formulation Tank Capacity
  • Droplet size: 10 to 50 microns
SaniStar Industrial Thermal Fogger

SaniStar Industrial Thermal Fogger

  • Fuel Operated (1.5 litre capacity)
  • 6.5 Litre Formulation
  • ank Capacity
  • Droplet size: 10 to 50 microns

Handheld Thermal Fogger

SaniStar Handheld Disinfectant Fog Machine

SaniStar Handheld Disinfectant Fog Machine

ULV Disinfectant Foggers

SaniStar 4.5l Handheld Disinfectant Fog Machine

SaniStar 4.5l Handheld Disinfectant Fog Machine

SaniStar 16l Handheld Disinfectant Fog Machine

SaniStar 16l Handheld Disinfectant Fog Machine

Aerosal Foggers

SANIFOG – Disinfectant Aerosol

SANIFOG – Disinfectant Aerosol

  • Disinfect any closed area of approximately up to 150m3 per 500g aerosol can
F1O Disinfectant Aerosol

F1O Disinfectant Aerosol

  • Liquid, ready to use, in 500 ml canisters
F1O Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger

F1O Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger

  • Liquid, ready to use, in 500 ml canisters. Fogging Unit.
Antibacterial disinfected Formula

Antibacterial disinfected Formula

  • 20 Litre Capacity

Disinfectants & Fogger Machines overview & guide

With the spread of Covid-19 on a global scale and the halt of businesses which resulted in uncertain and imbalanced economic situations, companies that provide disinfectant and sanitizing products have risen to the challenge. Right around the world, companies have increased production of sanitizing products such as disinfectants and disinfectant fogger machines along developing new and improved technologies such as foggers and sanitizers to disinfect public spaces and workplaces on a large scale.

While a great part of the world as we know it has gone under lockdown and quarantine, essential services have been working right around the clock, such as healthcare services, emergency services and shopping outlets, to only name a few. In South Africa alone, the past few months have been precarious resulting in companies that are allowed operation to have sought different ways in which to ensure the health and safety of essential employees despite growing concerns in the spread of the virus.

As South Africa eased from a Level 5 full, nationwide lockdown, into a Level 4 lockdown with more business allowed to operate, companies are looking at increased measures to ensure workplace sanitization while keeping cost and availability of suppliers in mind. Before employees are allowed to return to work, and with the further easing of lockdown protocols, the workspace has to be sterilized extensively to ensure that health protocols are being met.

You might be interested in our thermal product range which includes sanitizing booths. We also stock hand sanitizers.

SanitizeMe Overview

Sanitizeme me is a South African Based company with outlets branching into Africa soon. They specialize in the provision of professional solutions in the industry pertaining to facilities management. In partnership with businesses, healthcare facilities, schools and even homes, the aim is to curb the spread of the infection while increasing the ability of being able to serve not only customers, but patients, students, and a community as a whole.

The aim is to aid these industries by providing products which includes, but is not limited to:

Disinfectant aerosol

Disinfectant foggers

Disinfectant fogging services

Fogger machines

Commercial disinfectant foggers

Home disinfectant foggers

Industrial thermal foggers

Portable disinfectant fogger machines

and more

What is disinfectant fogging?

Disinfectant foggers or sanitizing foggers are used to reduce and even eliminate microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew from surfaces in environments pertaining to home, workplace, offices, hospitals, and a variety more. These foggers can be used anywhere.

What is a disinfectant fogger?

Disinfected foggers come in all shapes and sizes, designed for different environments in which they can be used to minimize and even eliminate microorganisms.

Disinfectant aerosol fogger, disinfectant fogger cans and disinfectant fogger spray

Disinfectant aerosol fogger, disinfectant fogger cans and disinfectant fogger spray

Disinfectant fogger machines or small fogger machines that are portable

Disinfectant room foggers which are positioned and installed to cover a specific area or room

Thermal foggers, and more.

Depending on the intended use, these products can be used in a variety of spaces, and should customers not be in favour of having to buy disinfectant fogger solutions, they may also opt for DIY disinfectant foggers. As soon as a customer has purchased a disinfectant fogger, they will have the basic element needed, along with the machine, the customer will have to buy disinfectant fogger liquid or disinfectant fogger solution to be able to utilize the machine. Refills on both liquid and solutions can easily be obtained by ordering it online from the company or manufacturer of the particular disinfectant fogging machine that they purchased to ensure compatibility with the machine.

How do you disinfect with a fogger?

When using disinfectant aerosol foggers, the cans are activated by pressing a button on the fogger, resulting in the release of a fog into the room while disinfectant fogger machines work in the following manner:

When activated, low pressure is applied to an extremely high volume of air.

When this occurs, a solution is pushed through the nozzle and creates precisely sized droplets and through that a mist.

Standing in the centre of a room, the mist can be directed and sprayed around the room, but users need to take care in avoiding electronics.

The disinfectant hovers in the air before it settles down on surfaces, disinfecting objects that it comes into contact with.

Thermal foggers use heat to create a dry mist which is both visible and has a fog-like consistency. These foggers are normally used to disinfect larger varieties of environments.

Do disinfectant foggers work?

Yes, disinfectant foggers do work when used for the purposes that they are intended in addition to using precautions in addition to the manual supplied. Disinfectant foggers are designed to use mist and fogging technology to disinfect and sanitize large areas and environments by minimizing and eradicating microorganisms in the air and on surfaces and objects.

The use of disinfectant foggers has become more widespread since Covid-19 has spread around the globe but it is not a new concept and foggers have been used for quite some time now to ensure home and workplace health.

Are disinfectant foggers safe?

Yes, disinfectant foggers are safe when used as prescribed by the manual and with the necessary precaution in addition to ensuring that are no people or pets in the room until the fog has settled.

What is the best fogger to use for the Coronavirus?

With Covid-19 still spreading through the global population, a lot more individuals and companies have invested in superior ways of disinfecting homes and workplaces by buying disinfectant foggers.

Although the fogger will depend on the use that it is intended for, some of the best disinfectant foggers include, but is not limited to:

Hudson 99598 Fog Electric Atomizer Spray

Smith Sprayers Professional Electric Cold Fogger

Sanistar Rage 600 Fogger

Sanistar Rage 1000l Fogger

Sanistar HS1200 Fogger, and various others

SanitizeMe has a wide range of products that differ in their applied uses, specs, and prices. These products can be ordered online by completing a quote with basic information along with the products that the customer is interested in. As soon as the quote has been processed, the customer will receive feedback and further instructions.

What are the benefits of using a disinfectant fogger machine?

Disinfectant fogging machines have various benefits which depend on their type and application, which in this case is to disinfect environments and objects to curb not only the spread of Covid-19, but to ensure sanitizing of environments from other microorganisms.

When using foggers, large areas can be sanitized within minutes with the added advantage that the fog will get on top, in between, and underneath hard to reach areas where objects cannot be reached or easily moved away. Foggers ensure that surfaces and objects stay disinfected for long periods of time as long as other health and safety measures to avoid contamination are followed.

Where can South Africans purchase disinfectant fogger products?

Although larger companies can afford more complex machines, individuals who are looking for affordable machines can either use rental services, purchase one online by visiting SanitizeMe, or looking at classifieds that provide disinfectant foggers for saleCustomers who are looking for disinfectant foggers as a temporary solution and not for prolonged use can look at the option of renting a machine instead or seeking one from a reputable website that has known fogger brands for sale.

Before entering into a rental agreement or making any purchases, customers need to ensure that the machines are SABS-approved. When buying a fogging machine in South Africa via online shopping from providers, it is important to note that there are currently still lockdown protocols in place especially when considering travel between provinces. Regional customers outside of major cities in Gauteng, Cape Town, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and others may have long waiting periods for deliveries due to lockdown measures that are still in effect.