Aerosol Sanitizers

Aerosol sanitizer

A scientifically formulated hand and surface sanitizer with 70% alcohol for extra protection. Unlike gel applications which are sticky and difficult to apply, OmniProtect Sanitizing Spray allows for easy sanitization without having to make contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

Ingredients: Ethanol; Butane; Aqua; Chlorhexidine Gluconate; Parfum

There is a gap in the personal sanitizer market; gel sanitizers are sticky and difficult to apply to all surfaces, while aerosol is easy and efficient.

The OmniProtect Sanitizing Spray is a scientifically formulated hand and surface sanitizer with 70% alcohol for extra protection. Unlike gel applications which are sticky and difficult to apply, OmniProtect Sanitizing Spray allows for easy sanitization without having to make contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

OmniProtect Sanitizing Spray can be used on skin, public transport, cell-phones, any surface and in public bathrooms. Not fit for consumption.

Retail Information:

Wholesale prices available on request
120ml provides up to 100 applications

The Best Aerosol Disinfectant Spray

SanitizeMe offers an array of products that can be ordered online directly from the website with customers having assurance that products have been scientifically tested, they are SABS-approved and safe to use at home and in public workplaces.

SanitizeMe has an extensive product range which includes:

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Aerosol Sanitizers, and more.

What are aerosol sanitizers?

Aerosol sanitizers are concentrated disinfectants in pressurised cans which when used correctly, reduce the amount of microorganisms on surfaces and minimize the chance of germs and viruses from spreading.

Aerosol disinfectant sprays provide an extra layer of protection by sanitizing and disinfecting potentially contaminated surfaces, objects and is safe to use on skin and clothing as well.

They are a portable solution, in addition to disinfectant hand sanitizers and liquid gels, that can be used in an effort to protect individuals from the spread of Covid-19, without hassle and risk of coming into contact with infected surfaces when cleaning them.

Do aerosol disinfectants work?

Yes, but it alone cannot prevent disease from spreading, it is an additional measure that can be used together with other hygiene and sanitizing practices such as washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer and frequently cleaning surfaces that may be contaminated.

The necessary precautions should still be taken regardless of using a product such as aerosol sanitizers such as adopting the habit to avoid touching your face and wearing the necessary personal protection equipment, or PPE, like face masks.

For best results, it is imperative to ensure that products are SABS-approved and that they contain the correct ingredients that effectively kill microorganisms as well as ensuring that products are bought from reliable companies that provide sanitizing products and services.

What are the best industrial aerosol disinfectant sprays to use during the Coronavirus pandemic?

With the emergence and spread of Covid-19 on a global scale, a conceited effort has been made in the production, distribution, and sale of disinfectant and sanitizing products.

These products have the purpose of specifically minimizing the risk and chance that infection is spread between individuals, either through direct contact, or contact with infected surfaces.

The best aerosol sanitizers in addition to similar products that have been proven effective in minimizing the chance of Covid-19 spreading are those that are scientifically formulated and contain at least 70% alcohol, amidst other ingredients.

Some popular brands of aerosol sanitizers that are popular in South Africa include:






Woolworths Select, and more.

OmniProtect can be ordered online from SanitizeMe and provides for the easy sanitization without individuals having to make any contact with surfaces that may potentially be contaminated. It is safe to use, effective, and affordable.

OmniProtect contains the following ingredients:





Gluconate, and


Where liquid and gel sanitizers are often sticky and difficult to apply to surfaces without the risk of contamination, OmniProtect can be sprayed onto surfaces, skin, in public transport, on cell-phones and any other surfaces to disinfect them quickly and effectively.

What are the benefits of using aerosol disinfectants?

One of the main benefits is that it is an affordable and portable solution that can be bought either online in bulk, or in various stores right across South Africa.

These products are SABS approved and serve as one of the best ways in which to protect individuals against the spread of Covid-19 when used in conjunction with other products and by ensuring frequent and consistent hygiene practices.

It has been scientifically proven that Covid-19 remains alive on surfaces and in the air to a certain extent of time and where conventional cleaning products and sanitizers work to kill virus directly on surfaces, aerosol sanitizers also kill those present in the air.

In addition to being effective to minimize the spread of Covid-19, with seasonal changes in effect, aerosol sanitizers also work to protect individuals from cold and flu viruses in addition to other disease-causing microorganisms.

Where in South Africa can you buy aerosol sanitizers?

You can buy them in nearly every store, or by ordering them in bulk from online suppliers. Various suppliers are located in major cities in all provinces, with a large amount located in Gauteng, with these suppliers constantly supplying regional and rural areas with products.

SanitizeMe offers a variety of cost-effective other products for sale that can be used in conjunction with aerosol sanitizers to effectively minimize the risk that infection spreads in offices, hospitals, schools, and other work spaces.

As South Africa moves through the process of a phased easing of lockdown measures with more parts of the economy opening, more stores and online e-commerce websites are making provision for sanitizing products and supplies at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

The use of aerosol sanitizers are an extra layer of protection in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 amidst other viruses that present themselves especially with South Africa moving into its winter months.

These products need to be used with care, and caution in addition to practicing other hygienic habits to ensure optimal protection and businesses that are reopening will need to ensure that the health of workers and customers is ensured.

This can be done by taking extra precautions in using the services of companies such as SanitizeMe to disinfect workplaces through the use of commercial disinfectant fogger machines and thermal foggers, amidst others.

A lot of businesses that experience high traffic such as grocery markets, pharmacies, and essential services such as hospitals can make use of sanitizing booths which can be bought or obtained for shorter periods of time through rental contracts.