About Us

Break the Germ Cycle!

SanitizeMe is a company on a mission to remove illness from your everyday surroundings. We serve as the shield against the infections that can stop you in your tracks.

We work with businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, homes, and more to stop the spread of infection and enhance your ability to serve your customers, patients, students, and community

We have over 10 years of experience providing professional solutions in the facilities management industry.

We have over 2,000 commercial clients from a diverse range of business sectors across the SA, including healthcare, education, commerce and hospitality.

Our aim is to work in partnership to provide tailor-made products for each of our clients, in a professional, quality-driven fashion.

We Fight Infection So You Don't Have To

Absences from school.

Getting sicker, rather than better, when you visit a healthcare facility.

Running out of sick time at work.

Fighting the same bug again and again.

These are everyday problems that you shouldn’t have to face. Everyone deserves to be healthy and we’re committed to fighting the battle of infection, so you and your family, staff, and clients don’t have to.

At SanitizeMe , we offer both chemical based sanitising and environmentally friendly sanitizing products. Both these product offerings have their recommendations for their purposes and uses.

With SanitizeMe, you’re never alone in the fight against infection.

SanitizeMe goals

Our goal is to put an end to the spread of illness by making sure the environments you spend your time in enhance your health, rather than risk it.

Any surface can become a sponge for the harmful germs that cause illness. No matter how thoroughly you think you clean, most cleaning agents just push germs around. Bleach and traditional disinfectants have become less effective against today’s more infectious and resistant germs. Our innovative germ-killing technology products eliminates 99.9999% of pathogens in your home or facility. SanitizeMe will turn your location into a germ-free zone, saving you thousands of Rands in sick days and health care costs.

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